How is Traditional Honey Made?

Growing up, everyone knew honey as this sweet, golden syrup that could always be found in a bear-shaped bottle in the cupboard. But did you ever ask yourself, "what exactly is honey?"

Bees are notorious for being hard workers. They buzz around all day, traveling up to five miles consuming nectar and collecting pollen on their feet. The nectar is stored in their honey stomach and flown back to the hive. Proteins and digestive enzymes in their stomach convert the nectar into honey. This process must be repeated multiple times, so the bee vomits the honey into another bee's mouth, who repeats the process. This happens again... and again... and again... until the final product is placed into a honeycomb. Once deposited, the bees flap their wings in an effort to dehydrate substance and lower the water content of the honey to give it the thick consistency that humans know and love. Finally, the bees cap the honeycomb with wax and move on to the next one.

Now that you know what honey truly is, you are faced with a tough decision. Do you reach for the traditional honey, or do you try out Humble Honee, a bumble-free alternative? Humble Honee is made using simple, all-natural ingredients, all of which you can pronounce. Best of all, there is absolutely no bee vomit involved. Ever. Because, gross.