Why is Honey Not Vegan?

Vegans do not consume or use anything that comes from an animal. Bees produce honey as an energy source and they store it in their hive to get them through long winter months when there is a lack of flowering plants.

Whenever an industry is built on the use of an animal or their byproducts, there is rarely any regard for the animal's wellbeing. This is because they are simply viewed as commodities. Companies need to make money to stay in business. This means that they need to maximize their honey harvest.

When beekeepers collect honey, they often replace it with sugar water, which is worse for the bees’ health because it lacks essential nutrients. This, among other practices such as selective breeding, increases their susceptibility to diseases. Many farmers also “cull” their hives after the last harvest because it is easier to kill the bees than to put money into feeding them through the winter. The queen bees also often have their wings clipped so that they cannot fly away and start a colony elsewhere.

This is why Humble Honee is produced without the help of bees. Just simple, all-natural ingredients put together by a girl on a mission to save the bees.